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Kindle Touch: Anyway to go to Recovery Mode???

Hi guys, I'm just a new member here.

I just bought Kindle Touch for 10 days, but today it's already dead and the screen shows "Repair Needed ! Your Kindle Needs Repair...."

I tried to restart by holding on/off button 20 seconds many times ,still stuck with Repair Needed page. I plugged in USB cable with my notebook ,It rebooted and Kindle drive could be seen for 20-30 seconds .Then "Repair Needed Page" came back and Kindle drive disappeared.

I found some thread here about this problem but with Kindle 2. And Meem said that just put your kindle to "Recovery Mode" can solve this problem.


I entered to "Recovery Mode" by hold "HOME" button for a couple of seconds while restarting (exactly while the screen flashes from black to white before "Amazon Kindle" logo appearance)
Quote:Type ‘RESET’ to reset to factory defaults
I typed it then the system reset has been done successfully, and I have ability to use my Kindle normally again.

D'you guys know how to go to "Recovery Mode" in Kindle Touch????


I contacted Amazon Customer Service. They said within 30 days I just need to send it back for replacement. There is NO Way I can fix it by myself.

But the problem is I bought it from Chinese unofficial dealer (for about 135$) and I live in China. Amazon Customer Service said they can not send back Kindle Touch to anywhere outside USA. So, I may have to let them send to some of my friend in US. and ask them to send me here with the total delivery cost and custom around 50$ which I won't complain if there is really really No Way to fix it here by myself.

Thanks for your help
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