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Originally Posted by Icewyng View Post
You are right. If you would go about how Android is usually set up, you would only get about ... 50 Mb or so. Here is how PB set it up:

First, they divide the internal SDcard into 3 partitions: 1 Fat32 and 2 ext2 ones.

Next, they transferred part of the Data partition (including apps) to one of the Ext2 one, giving 380 Mb of free space to install more apps.

I don't follow you.

When I was talking about having approximately 50-70Mb it was with the Pocketbook IQ as it is set up when you get it right out of the box. I never had 380Mb available. That's the main reason why I rooted my PB.

Since you are not responding regarding the Kindle app, I assume that the issue with DRM-rights has not been resolved. I was waiting to see if the issue would be resolved, but I guess I will get back to the old rooting method.

Thanks for your efforts!
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