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Originally Posted by enzonov View Post
Ok, i don't know if this is new or not, but the latest thing to happen to me has me both worried and quite upset. Lady night i was reading with my Vox When it indicated that i had 10% or less battery left. So i tirned it off and them plugged it in to recharge.The indicator light come on Orange When i plugged it in. Today I'm sitting in my doctor's office and i decide to read a little. I rien it on and it's still at 10%. Them it shuts down. It Disn't charge at all lady night. Now I'm left wondering if it will ever charge again. This had been such a huge disappointment. You can't even trust it to charge itself. What use is the device you can't rely on to work When it's supposed to.
I've encountered this problem as well, however, I only use the supplied charger.

I've also noticed now that my battery never goes above 70% charge. I've tried charging while the device is off, while the device is on and still won't get a charge above 70%. The orange charging light stays on and the battery still reports 70%.
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