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Originally Posted by Icewyng View Post
Thank you. I am learning a lot about the Android OS by taking on the 2.0 version. It will be useful down the road to go forward.

I like the way PB has decided to go with the apps... making a separate EXT2 partition on the internal SD card is a very good idea. about 380 Mb for apps is not bad. I will see if it is possible to expand that partition.
You have 380MB for the apps? Before I rooted my PB to move programs to the external SD card, I could only install a few programs. So, much less space than 380 Mb (I think it was around 50Mb).

Did you try the Kindle app to see if it works with your new version? The Kindle app did not work with your first repack (at least for DRM protected books; it worked fine for the non-DRM free classic books).
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