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Well, I think this is a new one. Last night, I put the Vox to sleep, as usual (it's actually been almost problem-free for a week!). I saw it waking up a few times in its sleep, which is now 'normal'. I tried to turn it on by pressing the on switch briefly - nothing. Pressing and holding the switch for 20 seconds or so got it to reboot - also now 'normal' for many here, apparently. I put it to sleep again and then something strange happened: the 3 menu buttons at the bottom of the Vox lit up, and stayed that way throughout the night. Of course, it wouldn't wake from sleep again, and only another 20 second press and hold brought it back to life with a reboot. I was going to say goodbye to the Vox, and this forum this morning - I don't know if I can stand much more - but I am still here. It's too bad, because I like the Vox, when it works. I expect the average buyer will not put up with all these problems, as we here do, and will simply return their devices. I predict that unless Kobo gets these problems fixed, in a hurry, the Vox will experience such HUGE returns, that it will die an early death.

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