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iBooks Display Issue

I am a newcomer to the iPad2 so please be patient. I recently attempted to convert a test pdf file [a car club newsletter originally created in MS Publisher with multiple columns and embedded pictures] to ePub format. I used several of the free-to-try converters on the web. I found that a straight text conversion does not work as the resulting ePub file's formatting is lost. So I tried what these programs call an image or picture conversion. This worked, but the resulting pages only emcompassed less than one-half of the available screen [1 inch margins on 3 sides, 1.375 on the bottom] on my iPad2, making the images unreadable. I learned that by double-tapping each image I could make it [slightly] larger but still not really legible. And this feature [?] disabled vertical page scrolling. I cannot figure out how to show these images in full screen and still scroll through the newsletter. I am using IOS5 and iBooks 1.5.

To further confuse matters, today I received an email from one of the vendors of the converters that I tried. Sophia of Doeremisoft says that they converted my pdf file, which I emailed to them, to ePub and displayed it full screen on an iPad with no problems. She suggested that there is something wrong in my iBooks settings.

As I originally stated, I am quite the novice here. This is my first Apple or IOS device. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue? It is important because I would like to convert a 130+ technical book [lots of pictures, charts, etc] that I have in pdf for sale on, and they require ePub format. Thanks for your thoughts, hopefully the answer is simple.

Merry Christmas
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