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Kindle 4 nt screensavers

I have hacked my Kindle no-touch SO firmware 4.0.1 to display custom screensavers. I have found out a couple interesting things.

1) PNG and JPG is the only allowable format for screensavers.

2) Though certain guides for previous Kindles say that only indexed, 16 color, gray scale images can be used, I have been able to use color photos that render very well with at least 256 color palettes. Of course you won't see any color. Your mileage may vary.

3) I have only tried 600x800 images. I don't yet know if larger images will be cropped or scaled by the Kindle. [edit: appears it will center a larger image, cutting off the edges]

The mod procedure to get custom screens is described in other threads so I won't go into it here.

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