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How To Add OPF Book To Calibre?

As an early adopter it has been years since I have been on the forum. Lots of catching up to do. I should be considered a beginner again after so long away from ebook technology.

I have several books that I will call OPF format because it doesn't seem to be any familiar other format. [I know opf file is the meta data].
Each book has;
META-INF folder with only a "container.xml" file
A mimetype file that contains the string "application/epub+zip"
A OEBPS folder with many HTML files,a "content.opf" file,a "cover.html" file,a "template.css" file, a "toc.ncx" file, a "toc.xhtml" file, many HTML files, and an Images folder containing many jpg files.
I thought I understood what HTML, css and xml files were, but in this context, I am not so sure.

My search of the net & the forum has not helped me understand HOW to add this format book to Calibre. Perhaps I have used wrong search criteria.

I wish to add this "OPF" book to Calibre and convert it to EPUB.

I have tried "opening several of the non-HTML files with Calibre but end up with an "unknown" that is not viewable using Calibre.
I can look at each HTML file individually with a web browser of course.

When I click on Calibre's ADD, what file or folder from my "OPF" book should I select to be the candidate for conversion?
If you can provide something step by step like that would be great.

I have Calibre installed on a Mac[Actually a Hackintosh]10.6.7 and on Windows 7. I would prefer to use the Mac version of Calibre but if it is easier to explain how I add the book in the Windows version that will be fine too.
My reader is a first generation Pocket Book.

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