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Originally Posted by taming View Post
They may not have sent out tons of freebies to the tech writers or wined and dined them. That kind of thing seems like a more likely explanation to me.
Totally agree with this statement. You can never discount this kind of behind the scenes favouritism. (I am speculating as well BTW )

I am seriously considering purchasing a Vox at the moment. It just seems like it will be exactly what I want. Not a tablet, but more than a standard eReader, and something I can read magazines, graphic novels & comics on - as well as load library books onto.

The reviews haven't completely put me off yet. The positives outway the negatives for me, and I'd like to invest in a Kobo machine (in some ways it reminds me of Apple vs PC, i.e. Amazon/Sony vs Kobo!). The only thing that's stopping me is how they address the Sleep of Death in the coming weeks.
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