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Idea for a "Bookit" Plugin -- Maybe Kovid?

Since discovering Kovid's wonderful web2lrf tool, I look at web pages in a different way. If I come across the large, interesting article on a web page, I immediately think about converting it to an e-book for more comfortable reading at my convenience in my Sony Reader. The only problem is that it takes some considerable effort at present, since I have to save the page to html, then open a DOS window (Start - Run - type in CMD, CD to the directory, and then try and remember and type-in all the necessary syntax, paths, and filenames to launch the conversion).

This morning, as I ran across a big web article in Firefox, it hit me. What about a Firefox front-end for web2lrf?!

The way it'd work... If you run across a great online article or other document you want to read off line in your reader, you'd click a little icon in a corner of the browser that looks like a book or a little bookworm or something, and the document would be instantly and automatically converted into an e-book and saved to your hard drive. Right-clicking on the icon would allow you to set options such as the place where files should be saved, etc. Or, instead maybe when you left-click the icon, a popup window would appear, letting you choose the where, filename, link-following, and other options supported by web2lrf. The latter would seem like the more powerful method since you could vary things with each e-book.

Am I the only one who thinks this would be amazingly cool?
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