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Originally Posted by Pushka View Post
It was $40 - but unless you spend it you cant use the jailbreak.
Yes I can :-)

I'm a software engineer/developer/hack.

While my ethics do not support removing the SOs from my Kindle (that was the deal I made with Amazon... $40 cheaper, and I will accept advertising), I don't feel the manner of the advertisement is part of that contract.

Specifically, I don't feel I have agreed to be constantly annoyed. I've agreed to be exposed to the ads (and if there is something I find of interest, take advantage of it, something I've done once already).

So, my objective is to use the JB to work on a less obnoxious/intrusive ad mechanism. For example, I don't want their f*cking offers as my screensavers. I want my own. However, I wouldn't mind at all a full-screen ad that I haven't seen yet showing when I wake the KT up, with a button to dismiss it. Then, it will never show again.

Simply put, if I'm not interested in an offer, Amazon has no business harassing me with it over and over. I can completely live up to my end of the bargain, while minimizing the unnecessary annoyance of their braindead implementation.

The banner ads on the home page are inconsequential -- I've found I don't even really notice they're there most of the time.

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