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Originally Posted by pemilahu View Post
After my mail sent on December 17, 2007 and repeatedly sent on January 11, 2008 about my defective CyBook SD slot, Bookeen answered today:

"Apparently, you did not receive an answer.
Do you still have the issue?"

Funny guys, are not they?
I've had this kind of reply too in the past.
What I think is going on is that they notice that an email is not answered in a long long time and therefor somewhat assume that it MUST have somehow magically been answered via an other channel.
The thinking goes something like this (but in French) "This mail has not been answered in 3 weeks. Surely by now this customer has been gotten so impatient that he will have found another channel to get his answer. Surely he must have found on Google by now that is our real Support website."...
Now there's the logic for you. In reality you should actually be pleased because it is a nice gesture of this person to ask you ... be grateful, he's the good guy on the other end in many ways.
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