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Best reader mostly for fanfic?

I'm hoping to get myself an e-reader soon, and having a hard time figuring out which would be the best. Hopefully you'll have some advice for me!

I am likely going to be using it mostly to read fanfic (currently, I have many .doc files which I read on my 8(?) year old palmpilot, so a reader being able to read those would be handy, but not required - I have no problem converting files, etc). I'll also probably get out library books occasionally, but I doubt I'll buy books very often. So, which store it's connected to doesn't matter to me.

I want to be able to organize the files - I prefer tags to folders, but I'd want to be able to look for more than one tag at once (for example, searching for something tagged "Fantasy" and "ToBeRead", instead of searching just one tag or the other); is that possible on the Kindle? Do any other readers have something like Kindle's Collections rather than folders?

I definitely want a touch screen, but I don't think I care if it has 3G or not. From what I've seen all the newer models have wireless, so that's not a deciding factor.

I'm also in Canada, so some options aren't available to me. (Although I have no problem buying something from the US, as long as it would work here and I wouldn't have any hassles if it had problems and I needed to get it repaired/replaced.)

Is there any reader jumping out that you think would be perfect for me? Or one you would definitely not recommend? Any advice to help me narrow down my choices would be appreciated! Thanks!
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