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Thanks Filark and johnseeking for your thoughts and the welcome.

I have to admit that the upgrade pretty much saved me from returning the whole lot of 4 to the store, however much psyched up I may have been prior to its arrival. In the week of been playing around with it prior to an upgrade I could only install 1 (one!) app that I'd been used to from the no-bells-no-whistles-neither android phone of 2.2, namely the wonderful TuneIn. (Note to non-upgraders - even the latest version still works on the Dingo, you should check it out, pretty much all world's radio is on it, and it remains the best way of listening to BBC abroad since BBC's own app blocks out foreign traffic.) The upgrade now means that through the website I seem to have full access to the official android market (so I am still baffled why would anyone need anything else, but I am relatively new..).

Amazingly, even the gestures on the screen seem to have a better response than under the Dingo!

About LCD2eink - I will definitely give it a go, once all other avenues have been exploited to no avail. Rooting the device necessary for LCD2eink is a next big step whose comparison to mere Ermine upgrade can be characterised by comparing later to earlier editions of the Hitchhiker's Guide - with the epitaph "harmless" changed to "mostly harmless" ;-)

As to the proposed google docs solutions - seems a reasonable path, thanks, especially since the docs I need to read (and comment on) come to me usually by email. However, the original page (with its "view online" links for attached .docs) is inaccessible from a tablet (just tells you to download gmail app) and the official tablet access through does not offer those links to "view online". :-( (But as usual, perhaps I'm missing something..)

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