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Orange Charging Light Won't Turn Off

I tried searching through the forum here and didn't see this mentioned anywhere so I am posting it. The orange light next to the power button on my Kindle Fire won't turn off. Not just when it's plugged in, even when it is unplugged it stays on. I tried turning off the power and even then the light is still on. I both used the software power off method as well as holding down the power button for 20 seconds and in both cases the light stays on. I left the KF charging overnight and noticed that the light didn't turn green even though it was fully charged, this is when I believe the problem started.

I tried doing a factory reset, this didn't do anything, the light stayed on. Right now I am trying to drain the battery hoping that once it completely dies the light will go off and this will somehow reset something. The only explanation I can think of is that I bought a Skinomi screen protector and applied it this weekend. It required me to spray the adhesive screen protector and apply it wet to the Kindle Fire. I left the power off for the recommended 24 hours, but this is the only thing out of the ordinary I have done with it. Has anyone else heard of or seen this problem or knows anything about it?
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