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Post MS Word documents in reader?

So. I am a new (pocket) eDGer, egged on by the reviews about eDGe's edging over competition for the academics' market I bought 4. Everyone's describing how "you can basically choose to read any text in the reader section, just press the magic button here"..

PDF is pretty intuitive (though most pages have way too small print even if cropped out of their white margins through zoom - and reformatting the pdf through that reader option always screws up equations in the text. Amazing resolution for the small text though - but perhaps it is standard.. This is my first e-ink experiece.)

Websites are also nicely pooled into reader from the tablet's browser. But what about MS Word documents (no equations, just simple text) ? Even if pooled into the Library, I seem unable to display them in the Reader. The only option seems to be the (battery-wasting and not very reading-friendly, especially because of scrolling) docs2go thing.

I tried to search for help online, to no avail. That must mean one of two things (well, three actually).
Either I am missing something so obvious that the solution hasn't merited discussion, or there is no demand among users for reading word documents in the reader part.
I am disregarding the possibility that there is demand for this but nobody's been able to come up with solution yet. (Firstly, that very discussion would show up, and secondly, I am sure nothing is impossible in the edge-hackers' community..)

(The third possibility is that I utterly suck at searching.)

Any pointers would be really appreciated, I get way too many texts in word to read for constant conversions into pdf to be a practicable solution.

Thanks very much. Incidentally, first impressions are excellent, I'll try to upgrade to 2.2, even though people report some loss of screen-response agility, which I'm finding somewhat deficient already as it is.. I also know some people are against upgrading, but I found that most apps that I am used to from my phone require 2.0 minimum.. like The Economist, and others.. and I suspect this requirement will only get worse over time..
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