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I'm going to go try the free version, thanks.

Originally Posted by KecajN View Post
Since one year I use Kindle DXG to store not only ebooks and magazines purchased from Amazon but also hundreds of free ebooks, technical documentation, whitepapers, manuals, etc. Lack of virtually any content management caused that initially I spent more time on organizing ebooks rather than reading them (try to add 1300 files to collections manually...). I tested a lot of collection managers advertised on this forum (my favorite one was Adrian Colegate's KCM) but so far none solved all my issues. Also calibre also is not suitable for my needs. Finally I have found the tool that almost perfectly does what needs to be done to keep all files neatly organized in folders and have them mapped to Kindle collections automatically: Kranf Kindle Collection Manager.

Actually it consists of two separate tools:
- KKCM_collections2Dir.exe - it converts your current collections into folders (I did not use it as I have already everything stored inside folders)
- KKCM_dir2Collections.exe - this one make backup copy of original collection file and creates new one with all new collections mapped to file system folders. All you have to do is restarting your Kindle and you are done!

The tool is available in two flavors:

1. Free KKCM that is suitable for most needs.

2. Paid KKCM+ that includes all the features of KKCM and:
- it allows to keep the same ebook in several collections because it does not process collections with ":" at the end of the name,
- it can recurse down the multilevel folders to map them into one level Kindle collection space.

Non-free KKCM+ costs only 5 EUR so it seems to be fair price to make $379 DXG usable piece of hardware...

I am using it for several days and although it is currently 0.05 release I have noticed only one minor bug: It cannot add Amazon samples to collection. It also lacks some customization features but they will come in next releases.

Should you are looking for decent collection manager to organize your ebooks just in seconds, check:

Note: I am not related in any way to the author of this application. I am only happy user of KKCM+. First time since I purchased DXG I can just use it without spending hours on content management.
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