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Iriver Story problem after repair

Some may find this interesting:

Having been a happy Iriver Story owner for over a year, I was disappointed to find that my reader would not power on, early in November. As it was fully charged when I had last used it (the night before) and since nothing seemed to induce it to boot (reset buttons etc), I got an RMA number and posted it off to Iriver Germany.

After about 3 weeks I was informed that the reader was out of guarantee and could be fixed for a fee of 40 euros. I happily paid up, and today received back my reader.

First point of interest. The reader was running firmware 1.90. Second point. It seems to be stuck in Korean. That is, although the menus display in English (when selected) the small black circle at the top doesn't change to EN, and the keyboard does not produce English type, making searching and note taking impossible.

I have tried a couple of things, including manually changing the story.sys file to read eng rather than kor. Doesn't help. I've also tried a variety of firmware files, but all I have done is lost 1.90 and nothing has changed in regards to the language problem.

I have contacted Iriver about this "repair", and we'll see if they can help.

All good fun.

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