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Editing "date" on a "News" tagged ebook makes it vanish...

I stumbled on an oddity, and figured I'd post it, see if anybody can reproduce, and if it's a bug.

If you watch the video, make sure you hit the "CC" button, you'll see texts with steps to reproduce. You can reproduce doing the following:

1. Create a text file/or just import any ebook
2. Import file into Calibre
3. Edit the metadata of the ebook, and add a "News" tag
4. Change the "Date" field to a different date other than the imported date (I usually changed the month back a few).
5. Save the changes, and close Calibre
6. Reopen Calibre, wait until the heart/donate icon stops beating, and watch your ebook vanish.

Calibre has no issues editing the date on ebooks that don't have a "News" tag.

Weird eh? I discovered this after importing versions of the Linux Journal magazine ePub files. I found that if you tagged them with "News" they'd be sent to my Sony PRS-650 as a publication, but they had the wrong date on them. On changing the date, they vanished from Calibre.

I tested this on a "clean" configuration by doing the following:
- Renamed %USERPROFILE%\Calibre Library
- Renamed %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Calibre

System Information:
- Windows 7 Ultimate x64
- Calibre 0.8.29 (but I've seen this issue going back several versions)
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