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Originally Posted by csmith75 View Post
I'm a Mac user, but I always keep a PC around for these exact situations. I purchased the Sony 505 (has not arrived yet) and I plan on using the libprs500 software when I'm away from home with just my Mac. Plus I purchase a lot of books from Fictionwise as well. If I find that it's too painful on the Mac, I'll just install Windows on my Macbook. I'm hoping that if I need to buy a book when I only have my Mac, I can just buy the .lit version from Fictionwise and convert.
Mac (10.4.11) user waiting on CyBook:
•Spun up Virtual PC 6.0 (ick) and d/l MobiPocket Reader and Creator (work fine so far, lot's of RSS feed ready to go)

•spent all day here (reading recommendations and reviews) and on Fictionwise – my "wishlist" is over 30 books now... a few don't come in "Secure Mobipocket" so....
•do I choose "Secure MS reader" format? I've d/l convertlitosx and it seems to run fine, now I gather I'll need MS Reader (& IE7, not Firefox... ugh) or something in order to d/l the book and then convertlit (explode) it - being extra-super-careful about path filename.


•do I choose "Secure eReader" format (I assume it's .pdb) and then what?
I know I'll have to be jumping back and forth between OSX & VPC in order to end up with something I can d/l to the CyBook. Which is easiest/recommended?
Sorry if this has been duplicated elsewhere. I've been pouring over the lists and can't seem to find the answer (w/o using darknet deDRMing things that can't be discussed here {good policy, BTW}) this thread has come closest to what I need. in advance.
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