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Sony PRS-T1 vs Nook STR - 3 questions

I'm still pondering. I was very close to getting Nook STR (I have to get a credit card first though) but then I found out about T1 which is SO much easier to get in Europe. And I have confidence they will fix the freeze issues. But after reading more I think I just can't get over a heavy leaning towards STR despite all even though I really tried hard. I like what I hear about the longer battery life, it being quicker and the possibility to change lining space. I don't really care much about Internet /facebook etc. Oh yes and NOOK roots better too.

I have three questions.

1. Picture quality? I heard something about t1 having 'better contrast'. Is it true is the picture, in plain English, better? If yes, this would actually be a plus for T1.

2. Battery is not changeable on either device right? If it went bad I'd have to return it and this would only be possible with the SONY in Europe I guess.

3. I heard about charging from the wall instead of computer. I heard this improves how long it will stay charged. If I wanted to do this for the NOOK I'd obviously be forced to use an independent wall charger because of the plug. Which one should I get... one that is safe for the device to use, current-wise?
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