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Unhappy Bluetooth problems after installing Ermine + Market = Allmine update

Problem: My bluetooth now will not stay on, it previously worked...but for some reason now doesn't. I go to setttings->network controls->bluetooth and it turns on...then a second later turns itself off...then a second later turns itself back on! this continues indefinitely until I manually have to restart. Now if I go to settings->network controls->bluetooth settings->bluetooth, I can turn it on, a second later it will turn off, without repeating. This is all strange, one check box sets it into a loop, and the other does not. Overall result is I can't get bluetooth to stay on for more than one second.

I lifted this from KP Admiral in the "Ermine + Market = Allmine", but I am also experiencing the same problem, so I thought I would bring this forward as a separate thread so that other eyes, who might not have read that thread could lend a hand.

I hope that someone has a fix for this problem, as the "Ermine + Market = Allmine" update works very well and gets me the Android Market without a problem, even though I know there are several alternatives that don't require sign-ins.

Thanks for donating your brainpower to this...
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