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Originally Posted by AndyfromVA View Post
I've only gotten a couple of Kindle books from the library but I've had to use my PC to download the book from the library website. Once you do that the library contacts Amazon, I sign into Amazon and at that point my book is transferred by WiFi to my Kindle. With my Nook you have to get the book from the library and load it onto Adobe Digital Editions. Then use the USB cord to transfer the book from Adobe Digital Editions to the Nook. So the PC gets used in both cases but the Kindle doesn't require the USB cord.
Simply not having to look for a cord to get a Library book may push me to the Kindle. Also, doesn't the Kindle have a Browser that works wifi only? Why can't you download the book straight to the Kindle if you can get to the Library website from the Kindle?

Here is what I think is going to happen if I show my wife both based on what I have read.

She is going to like the interface of the Nook better. She is real visual and will like seeing the book covers in a list versus just names. She will probably like the feel of the Nook Better. We do have a B&N 5 miles from the house and she is there quite a bit. She is a 3rd grade teacher

On the other hand, She is going to like the features of the Kindle better and the book sharing between amazon apps and the Kindle seems to be easier. Not having to plug it in to get a Library book will be important to her. The not liking a book before 7 days and being able to return is a big plus also. She also buys books from often also.

Anymore input before I decide? I think if I buy her both to try, it may confuse her more than me. She will be happy with either one I think.

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