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first, thank you so much pablob, for the excellent work you've done and continue to do.

I agree with vicinc, mostly - everyone will have their own opinion, but if it's about some app or feature than can be easily/normally installed by regular user, then my preference is for simplicity and leave it out (and save some work and testing). if it's something that is not so easy for everyone to do (allmine, other build.prop edits, wpa supplicant) and is of wide use to many people, that's the things to put in.

e.g. as much as I always want to have any android device I own as rooted, it's something so easy for anyone to do z4root on their own, and seems safer/simpler not to distribute a rooted update.

but anyway, put what you want in there, I doubt you will get any complaints but instead only lots of thanks from all of us!
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