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Gift for Wife. Never had an E-reader or an E-book of any kind. Help!

I have read about 10 different posts and still can't decide.

Narrowed it down to Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch.

Her Requirements:

1. Read Books
2. See # 1.

She will not do any pdf's.
She would like to get books from Library.
She would like to share with friends.
She is not the type to look for exotic old books so I am sure Amazon and B&N will be fine.

If anyone can point out the Major Pro's and Con's of using e-books from Amazon and B&N that would be very helpful to make a decision also.

That is about it. No web, No music, just books.

I speculate that it will come down to:

How simple the interface to use. flipping pages, dictionary, settings, etc.
How easy is to hold. "Disappear in your hand" as I have heard mentioned here.

Confirm for me one thing. With the Nook to get books from the Library, you have to connect to a PC, but with the Kindle you don't?

I am really tempted to buy both locally and have her play with both and decide. Good idea? Do both of these come with enough of an e-book downloaded in them to get them full experience? I don't want to have to register either one of them. I hate to take advantage of a local retailer, but I want what is best for my wife.

I am just trying to be a good husband and get the perfect one for my wife. in advance for any advice and/or suggestions.
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