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Kindle Touch Tips and Tricks

Couldn't find a thread like this, so I started one.

Several of the tips I'm beginning this with are documented in the User Guide that comes preloaded on the KT, but many (most?) don't read such things in detail, so I'm trying to be helpful to you all (and you know who you are :-))

However, I'm going to start with an undocumented (as far as I could find) feature, that was driving me batty accidentally invoking it, that I finally found the answer.

Text Size
While reading, the classic iPhone/Android pinch-zoom action will pop up a mini font menu, and change the font size one increment with each "pinch". pinching fingers together reduces font size, spreading fingers apart increases size.

Or, you can use the mini font dialog to make more detailed changes.

NOTE: This is NOT the same menu that appears when you tap the top of the screen, then hit the aA button on the bottom menubar. This shortcut menu is just font-related controls.

Quick Bookmark

Tap the top-right corner, and the KT will create a bookmark for the current page. It will show a small "dog-ear" folded down in the top right corner. Much quicker than going through the menu to do it!

Chapter Forward/Back
Swipe you finger up or down on the page, and if the book has chapter marks included, the KT will advance forward or back to the next/prev chapter. This is the same as clicking the 5-way left/right on the K3.

Swipe Page Turns
Probably don't need to include this one, but just in case. Pages can be turned forward/back by swiping right/left across the screen. If the layout of the touch regions annoys you ( it does me), this is a nice navigation alternative. The touch region layout doesn't seem to matter for this -- swiping right to left anywhere on the screen turns the page -- even in the top menu touch region.

People, please add others as you find them! This is just a start...
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