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Sync books (and reading location) with iOS device?

I would like to be able to use my iPhone to resume reading my current book from my current place on those occasions when I find myself stuck in a line somewhere without access to my Nook STR.

I would also prefer to continue using Calibre to manage my collection of ebooks, since I already have a working process for syncing my library with iTunes.

So far, I've managed to root my Touch, and have begun evaluating the available reader apps, but haven't found a solution to the issue of syncing current reading location or even a way to sync a bookmark.

I've heard that the default Nook reader might be able to do this, but have also read that it only works for books purchased from B&N, and since I've been unable to transfer books from my Calibre library to the Nook for iOS, library I've focused on exploring other options (I also can't figure out how to get back to the default Nook STR interface at the moment ).

The only other potential solution I've heard of is various online reading solutions, but they all seem to require that both devices have a constant-on internet connection, and they limit you to reading through a browser interface.

Has anyone found a way to seamlessly transfer their reading from one device to another?
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