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I noticed this behavior too. I had all my KDX collections named starting with special characters (like "}TBR") to force them to sort to the top of the list. On my newly arrived KT, it seems to ignore all special characters at beginning of collection name, and sort starting with the first truly alphabetic character in the collection name. On the KT virtual keyboard most of the special characters I was using in my collection names were not even available -- so I tried some that were on the virtual keyboard -- mostly no joy. I did find that prefixing the name with a numeric digit or "+" or "-" would bring the collection name to the front of the list. So at least I can rename my collections and get them to appear on the home page in an order that makes sense to me (if I choose "collections" sort). The old behavior of moving names in the list based on last reference time is truly gone. I can live with that -- as long as I can ensure that my "to be read" and "already read" collections are at the top of the list, I can manage.
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