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Regional lock-in?

I'm buying my first reader and I'm almost sure at this point it will be a Kobo Touch.

I'm living in the UK now, and will be moving to Canada next spring. I have a Canadian credit card.

If I buy an Kobo Touch from W.H. Smith now, register it (or whatever you have to do...), buy books, and start using it right away, will I encounter any problems when I move to Canada and want to keep buying books and using the reader?

How do the geo restrictions work for Kobos, exactly? Can I get around them by providing an address in the region I want to buy from? Or do I need a proxy?

What I don't want is to buy the thing now and then always have to connect via proxy when I move to Canada. What I do want is to have a decent selection of ebooks available directly from the reader, for the region I'm currently located in.

I am assuming I will be able to buy books from anyone, anywhere, providing I shop on a PC using a proxy in the appropriate region, and then strip DRM as necessary. (It's just not something I want to have to be doing all the time) Is this correct?

thanks if anyone can help (:
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