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Bought "Kobo Touch"...update changed it to w/Offers version

I bought the Kobo Touch yesterday at a local Target store. It was marked as "On Sale", $30 off the regular price of $129.99 to $99.99. The box was clearly the Kobo Ereader Touch, no stickers added or anything proclaiming it to be the new "with Offers" version.

I brought it home and played with it before I installed the software on my pc. Out of the box it was the 1.9.9 firmware. It had the check box option on the settings section to use a bookcover in sleep mode.

I went ahead and installed the Kobo Desktop software on my Windows 7 PC, connected the Kobo and updated the firmware to the latest version. Everything seemed to be going great until I went back to check on my Kobo after dinner and noticed an advertisement on the screen. The Kobo desktop software refers to my Kobo as being a "special offers" version and I've seen at least 4-5 different ads with it going into sleep mode.

Anyway, I'm experiencing a lot of glitches with it now, might be related to micro sd card issues, I haven't researched that much yet, but I did run a factory reset on the unit. It returned the unit to the 1.9.9 firmware with no ads. I have not updated the firmware yet since the reset.

Does this make sense that this happened? My impression when I bought this unit was that it was not a with offers version, the box does not indicate this anywhere, but was on sale, presumably due to the holiday weekend (didn't notice how long the same lasts).

I'm tempted to take it back, but I do really like it (glitches aside, but I know there's some quirks with the current firmware that is being worked on after reading a few this forum).
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