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From a full charge at 11pm, I routinely set the display to minimum brightness, use earphones, and set display timeout to 1 minute and use the application "Tunein".
I have wifi enabled of course and generally turn the whole thing off at 9AM.
I listen to "Coast to Coast" and just let it play through the night. If I don't record, I have less battery inpact.

I routinely have over 50% charge left. Sometimes I have 60-65% left.

I assume this is due to the fact that I sometimes check email etc before I retire or a few rounds of Angry Birds and sometimes I record the show if they have an interesting guest.

Reason for more power consumption on shutting down is a "cold boot" probably results in more power consumed than the sleep mode??

I was rather surprised that I got this much time out of WIFI Radio.

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