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Calibre gets stuck when converting CBZ or CBR and stays there

It'll get stuck randomly during conversion. I'll sit there and watch it, and it'll just sit there. Waiting to go forward taking up 200% cpu(or more) on my quad core/8 thread(HT) machine. It'll never progress and just freezes. I know that calibre's not meant to be terribly awesome since it's written in python and thus has to use weird bindings to get it to work, but still this seems to happen randomly. Sometimes it goes to 23% and other times it gets to 35%. It just gets there and stops.

I ran it from the terminal and that doesn't do anything at all, right now I'm starting to wish that I would've gotten a kobo touch, since then I'd have no reason to deal with these conversions but this one being so much cheaper seems to be a bad decision. I've already changed the "split" epub file thing to a size that is higher than any of the individual images themselves(to be safe), and it just goes and gets stuck. Has anyone else had issues with this?

I'm using whatever the latest calibre is, I'm on Debian GNU/Linux kernel 3.0.1 GTK 2.x x86-64.
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