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Originally Posted by hieronymos View Post
This night, I plugged my 0.5 mah phone charger into the Vox and turned it off. It was at 10% battery. I unplugged it 7h ago and have been using it sporadically. It still says 10%, it's still on. Any charger will charge - even a USB port at work.
I second that. As long as Airplane Mode is turned ON, the voltage coming IN will surpass the voltage being burned. My Vox is rooted and I have removed all the INQ and Globe2Go etc. crap. Always on Airplane Mode when reading. I have never had the "wake while sleeping" issue, unless it refers to the screen occasionally waking, and going right back to sleep. Who cares? I do that myself every night a couple times.

I've used Linux for many years and played with many minimal systems which made very good use of low-spec hardware, so I've no problem with this Vox. Uninstall what you will never use, don't run what doesn't need to, and your battery life will be very good.
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