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Where 1.9.14 falls short for me.

The 1.9.14 firmware for KT is updated with some nice features enabled even for epub documents. Thank you for these features.

But there is a few things that is not right yet:
  1. There is still an issue with some SD cards. If I leave a book open from my 2GB PNY SDHC Class 4 card for a while (say 10 mintues) and flip a page and I get booted to the home screen. All the books on my card disappear and will not re-appear until I unplug the SD card and plug it back in. The same thing happens if I hit the silver button after a delay inside the book to return to the home screen. This is very disappointing since now I have brought four KT devices in total. I have two at home for me and my wife and brought two more as gifts for my mother and father. Now I have to tell my parents to watch out when they buy SD cards to use with their KT devices.
  2. Still there is no quick way to access the dictionary for a selected word. You still have to dive through a menu. Yet a brand new and completely useless (to me) facebook button was added right next to the menu. I don't have a facebook account configured and don't plan on ever creating or configuring a facebook account. I still can't see how the dictionary access don't deserve a quicker method for a selected word.
  3. The ability to register and use it without having a Windows/Mac computer with Kobo Desktop software installed is still not available it seems. If you happen to only have linux computers at home you have to go digging for a working windows machine where you can install kobo desktop to register the device if you do a full reset.

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