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Here my investigations for the emulator-keys:

PC dec hex PocketBook
(Emu) (Key-Code)

Pos1 28 (0x1C)
End 29 (0x1D)
F1 30 (0x1E) Music (if Key available)
F2 23 (0x17) "Book"-Menu
F3 27 (0x1B) Back/Exit-Button left of Cursors
F4 8 (0x08)
F12 26 (0x1A)
CurUp 17 (0x11) CurUp
CurDwn 18 (0x12) CurDwn
CurLeft 19 (0x13) CurLeft
CurRight 20 (0x14) CurRight
Return 10 (0x0A) OK (Button inside Cursors)
NumKey+ 22 (0x16) Volume+
NumKey- 21 (0x15) Volume-
PageUp 24(0x18) Pageturn <
PageDown 25(0x19) Pageturn >
ESC 1 (0x01) Lock/Key (brings up PopUpMenu on EMU)
7(0x07) Zoom+ (PB903) (No Key for that on EMU or 603)
6(0x06) Zoom- (PB903) (No Key for that on EMU or 603)

Menu after pressing "ESC"

Menu after clicking right mouse button:
Battery (Level5, 4, 3,2,1)
SD-Card (Inserted / Removed)
USB-Cable (Plugged / Unplugged)
Position (Horizontal / Portrait0/Landscape90/Landscape270/Portrait180)
Display Mode (600x800 / 828x1200)

Hope, that helps!
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