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Possible explanation for the blank spaces on the reader side

Recently I have updated to Ermine and obviously I have most of the "bugs" the have plagued some people. The most serious of these for me is the fact I had 1 to 1.5 inch blank space down the middle of the reader when annotating

Since then I have experimented with
1. different papers
2. different pens
3. portrait or landscape

Nothing really worked, I tried the calibration writing as normal and calibrated many many times. One thing I did notice was the space moved in position and shape depending on calibration

So I approached it logically and cross hatched the entire reader with lines. This mapped the area effected. It was insightful, I recognised the shape!!!

I do not know how everybody writes but with me the side of my hand rests on the paper with the fingers curling round the pen. With writing the hand slides across the paper while the fingers map the shape of the letter.

So the shape I saw on the reader was an outline of the side my hand!!! I know this for a fact since my 4 year old helped me draw one on a piece of paper and cut it out, it was quite a good line up actually.

So how did this happen? Going to the calibration screen, when you start calibrating it goes the traditional way - left to right and top to bottom. So the first point you do is the furthest from you. If you write normally you cannot help but lightly rest your hand on the reader as you touch the point. That does it, not matter how carefully you do the rest of the calibration that first point plus hand image dictates how the calibration goes from then on.

(I think have to qualify this statement by saying I have the set-up of the tablet on the left; reader on the right, I find it a more natural situation)

So if this is right if you carefully calibrate from a 90 vertical position, no hand pressure or even shadow on the reader (taking no chances) this should cure the problem. No such luck!!!

The reader does not replace a calibration previously performed, I believe it updates it but retains the previous values. To cure the problem I have outlined above I have re-calibrated the reader side nearly 35 -40 times in the last day, testing each time carefully for effect. I have even rebooted the system between every 5.
I found the the space is decreasing slowly and function is returning to the effected area's Its not gone yet and I expect it might never disappear completely but it way better than before. I would be interested to hear if the same procedure would work for others.

One other possible solution therefore is to go back to dingo, and then update with ermine again, but what ever you do do not touch the reader side with anything during the whole process!!. But this process is risky considering all the things that can go wrong!!

Sorry about the long post but I wanted to make sure everybody understood the background behind my problem and solution. I really hope it helps

tired but happier, now all I have to do is get the camera working!! and find a solution to the hibernation problem

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