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Originally Posted by Andy_T View Post
I'love to spend my money in Amazon's "walled garden" but being a European User without a US credit card (so far) I am looking for options to get apps other than load .apk's from dubious sources...

I don't think that's much of a consolation, but I'm in a similar position and generally I find the copyright agreements in general, and this one in particular are rather unfavorable if you want to be early to the market and live outside of US

As for why I bundled sideloading and rooting together is with sideloading you can modify your Fire's behaviour to a huge extent. For someone who is a content or app developer, it's a moving target, that is a bit harder to aim for than one UI, resource availability etc - I've just started exploring the Android as the OS and I know how apps can cater for different screen sizes, CPUs, memory requirements etc, but to me, as content producer, that is something of a nightmare that shouldn't be.
With Kindle Fire I can seem the game changing enough that you can target a specific device, with a consistent config, unless of course everybody decides to tinker and change it completely
Now as to whether you want to produce a product that runs on everything, including you microwave (where are they btw) that's another discussion, for now I wanted to know what percentage of people are happy with the experience provided by Amazon and initially my gut feeling is that the group is large enough to bother...
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