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Originally Posted by pulsar View Post
Was it just me, or anyone else had the unit gone to a full factory reset this morning? I didn't do anything with the unit for a couple of days, and this morning, trying to power it on, I got "system error - will do a factory reset" message. After that it went through a couple of reboots, system update, and from all the looks ended up in the state identical to the one when I just got it (kernel Oct. 27) - so apparently it can do a true factory reset under certain circumstances, if the things get pretty screwy.

I am thinking - should I make a full SD card image now, when it's in its most pristine state? I have now adb over USB working, so presumably I don't even have to root the unit or install any apps.
I think I might have had this happen to me. It didn't give any error but today while switching wallpapers the device rebooted. When it came back up everything was back to factory settings except: the wall paper was switched to what I selected and the application list included everything I had installed but everything crashes when I try and run it.

My device had been rooted. I've had it crash before when switching wallpapers but it never reset itself before.

I really hope we can get a decent third party firmware going.

Has anyone taken the freescale ubuntu images and tried booting them?
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