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I've changed all the <div>s to <p>s... and am still getting the error:

element 'a' is not allowed for content model '(p|h1|h2|h3|h4|h5|h6|div|ul|ol|dl|pre|hr|blockquo te|address|fieldset|table|switch|form|noscript|ins |del|script)'

Flightcrew says the error is at line 2873, which is the second-to-last line of my html document and just says:

I don't understand how it could be a problem to have <a> inside <p>. Here are some the ways I've done that:

<p class="toc"><a href="#ch1">Chapter One</a></p>


<p class="fiction">In 2001, she quit her job as the Executive Assistant of the <a href="">Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia</a> to travel Canada by train, and then parts of the Northeastern and Southern United States.</p>

How could those be wrong? V. confused. Any help would be appreciated.
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