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Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
If your referring to the post by TonytheBookworm then you are comparing apples to oranges. The other thread talked about emailing the item to the Touch. TonytheBookworm is referring to the calibre content server and downloading the book via the web interface.
Sorry, I should have been more specific about the other thread. It's the one from SeaMonkey, regarding the "sections/articles" navigation tools on the Kindle Touch.

TonytheBookworm's post had to do with "books" per se. There is no issue here with "books"; it's just that "periodicals" also transfer as "books" and are not recognized by the Kindle Fire or Touch as "periodicals", and are therefore missing all the proper navigational tools. You would have to browse the New York Times by going through every article page by page, as if you were reading a book.
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