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Originally Posted by nynaevelan View Post

I a hope someone can help me because I am getting very frustrated. I spent the last few days updating and correcting my collections in order for them to be imported into my Touch. After I completed all that I loaded my 835 books onto the Touch, then tried to import the collections. They wouldn't work no matter what I did. I chatted with a CS rep and he said to either let it finish indexing, because this might be interfering or to wipe it back to factory default, import the collections, reload the books and then re-run import collections. I chose to go path #2. The importing collections worked when there were no books on it but when I try to report the collections after re-loading all the books they were not being imported into the collections which they belonged to. I know this process should work because I tried it with a second installation of k4pc on another computer with the same mobi files and it worked there. The process works on both the k4pc computers but will not work on the Touch. The Touch will have it's wheel spin for a minute or two but at the end there are no collections. Does anyone know if importing collections actually work on the Touch and what steps did you use? I would appreciate some feedback before I contact CS again to get a replacement.

I have been having trouble with my kobo touch for 2 weeks now, first wouldn't connect to book, would stick on language preference, then it lost my page in book I was reading started at beginning. Now I am having trouble downloading books to reader will not sync. I have e-mailed several times to customer service & have phoned several times, only to be told they are having problems but nothing has been fixed. By the way the call center is located in St. lucia??? The last phone call made I asked to either send me a new reader or send me a refund,as I have only had it for 4 months, I am still waiting for a reply???
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