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Talking G'day all!

Howdy folks. I'm visiting from Yarra Glen, in the mountains outside of Melbourne, Australia.

I've had my eye on the Kindle for quite a while, having paid over US$8,500 in shipping charges alone over the years from Amazon!

The Kindle DX Graphite has never let me down, even sitting in the middle of the vineyards I get great whispernet access.

Unfortunately (for me), I'm a very quick reader (rated at just over 1,100 words per minute continuous). So I need to use the smallest possible fonts, but even so, the battery never lasts nearly as long as the specifications say it should per charge. (There's nothing wrong with the battery, it's just not designed to be refreshing the pages every 40-60 seconds. ) PDFs are even worse, due to the antique method of rendering the contents. I'm hoping to be able to update the DXG to 3.1 firmware to take advantage of the new PDF tools.

So far, in just over 13 months, I've been able to download and consume just over 320 books, and the display is a major part of that. Now that I've seen the PC and iPAD Kindle readers, and compared their resolution and facilities with the Kindle itself using the same material, I'm so glad I didn't wait for the colour Kindle, or rely just on the iPad for reading. The clarity of the e-ink display is just brilliant, though I do wish the contrast was better.

Still, the Kindle's been a lifesaver for me, since I can easily take my favourite books into hospital when I need to, and it's a great talking point with other patients!
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