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Device: Kindle 5.3.7

11/16/11 VERSION: 0.1.4
Version crengine: 3.0.51-28

Upgrading from a previous version to the latest Cool Reader
1. Download the archive for all versions of the Kindle
2. Update files (copy along with the replacement) from the folder cr3
If you set your hot key combination DOES NOT replace a file from a folder keymaps.ini cr3 \ data

Installing Cool Reader For The First Time
0. installjailbreak andlaunchpad .
1. Download the archive for all versions of the Kindle
2. Unzip and copy the folder cr3; launchpad; qtKindle on the flash memory device with the replacement (ie, you must appear in the root folder cr3)
3. Lanchpada Update settings by pressing the Shift Shift Space (Shift - the key is left up-arrow, Space - a space)
4. Press Shift C R (how to change the keyboard shortcut, read the FAQ)

New Features
1. In the file browser: block passage in the above directories / mnt / us
2. Displays the battery status bar
3. In the list of recent books: if you delete the book from the list, delete the cache on the book in CR3
4. Open content, even if not in the book chapters (need to go to a specific page)
5. Change the menu view document properties (I)
6. Change the menu view recent books (L)
Fixed bugs:
pabrus wrote:
In the "crawl" through the folders in the file manager (without opening the books), if it does not happen on the first page, when you exit from your cursor remains on the folder that you just came, and runs on the first page ...
On the first page in the file manager all nomalno. For example, I leafed through on the third page (I have a folder on the authors), I go to the folder, then go out of her ... and to provide a cursor on the first page of a file manager, two points up instead of staying in the same folder which came ...

Quiritius wrote:
In keydefs.ini Sym key is Key_Sum, but not Key_Sym

salyur wrote:
If the list of recent books for more than 10 (2 pages), 11 while trying to open the book, opens first

bug-tracker wrote:
You can not select the line spacing to 85%


Avoid the high register of letters (capital) in the file extension (books, fonts) works with Cool Reader, and the characters! And. At the beginning of the folder names

After connecting to a computer USB Cool Reader does not hang. Enough double-click Alt Shift and returns you to the Cool Reader.

Cool Reader if frozen, before removing it completely, try cleaning the cache and history as on this statement

To replace the keyboard shortcut, which is called Cool Reader to the file from the folder cr3.ini launchpad to change the line:
CR =! / Mnt/us/cr3/ cr3 &
letters CR to any (an) other (s) title (s), letter (s).
For example:
ZZ =! / Mnt/us/cr3/ cr3 &
Press Shift Shift Space, to update your launchpad

1. Alt Back - Quits the program
2. Alt Shift - Collapse \ deploy Cool Reader
3. In the Preferences dialog: Home - saving settings, Back - exit without saving
4. To exit from the main menu, press Back

Standard fonts in native membranes Kindle (you must rename these according to written below)
Corrected forms of the native Kindle fonts for CoolReader (ie renaming (as written below) is not required for this ones, just copy them to cr3/fonts)
Fonts need to put in the folder: cr3/fonts
otf fonts work, you just need to change the extension to ttf
To correct fonts to 'catch' them rename the template and restart Cool Reader:
Title bd - for Bold (bold)
Name it - for Italis (italics)
Title bi - for Bold Italic (bold italics)
Title - for the main

Cool Reader now has customizable hotkeys. All combinations are written below (and more) can be changed (or removed \ added).
See the spoiler.
Hotkey settings are stored in cr3/data/keymaps.ini
Names of keys and commands are stored in cr3/data/keydefs.ini
CMD_REFRESH - update
CMD_ZOOM_FONT - increase / decrease the font of the text, the parameters of 1/-1
CMD_ZOOM_HEADER_FONT - increase / decrease the font header parameters 1/-1
CMD_TOGGLE_HEADER - show / hide header
CMD_JUMP_FROM_PAGE - go to the number of pages specified in the parameters
CMD_CHANGE_FONT - changing the font, if no parameters, then cyclical. You can specify the - font number in the list
CMD_CHANGE_HEADER_FONT - same thing, only for heading font
CMD_CHANGE_FONT_GAMMA - change scale the font settings 1/-1
CMD_INTERLINE_SPACE - change line spacing, parameters 1/-1 (change line spacing in the 5/-5%)
DCMD_BEGIN - move to the beginning of the book
DCMD_END - go to the end of the book
DCMD_PAGEUP - to the previous page
DCMD_PAGEDOWN - next page
DCMD_MOVE_BY_CHAPTER - transition to the heads of the parameters 1/-1
DCMD_ROTATE_BY - turn the page, the parameters of 1/-1
DCMD_TOGGLE_BOLD - style of the text is bold
DCMD_LINK_FORWARD - move forward on the history of
DCMD_LINK_BACK - transition in the history of back

Description of the character keys:
Key_Space - space
Key_Dot - point
Key_Aa - Aa (button next to Home)
Key_Slash - / (only on the Kindle DX)
Key_Sum - Sym (button next to Home)
Key_Delete - Del (key next to Home)
Key_Enter - arrow (to the right of Sym)
Key_Plus - to add volume (from the bottom at the end)
Key_Minus - turn down the volume (from the bottom at the end)
Key_Home - Home
Key_Select - the central joystick button
Key_Left - left on the joystick
Key_Up - up on the joystick
Key_Right - right on the joystick
Key_Down - down on the joystick
Key_PageUp - key turning pages>
Key_PageDown - key turning pages <
Key_Back - Back (for joystick)

5. Plus / Minus (keys change the volume) - change the font size
6. Space (space) - update (redraw) page
7. Shift B - the creation of bookmarks, B - View a list of bookmarks. Del - delete the selected bookmark, Alt Del - thorough cleaning of the list.
8. The list of last opened books and in the bookmarks list: Del - delete selected row, Alt Del - thorough cleaning.

9. R - turn the page on the right
10. Shift R - turn the page on the left
11. Left \ Right (left \ right on the joystick) - go to 10 pages back \ forward.
12. Shift Left - moves to the beginning of the book
13. Shift Right - go to the end of the book
14. Shift Plus - increase the font header
15. Shift Minus - decrease font header
16. Enter on the joystick - hide / show title
17. Back \ Shift Back - navigate the navigation history (chapter by chapter, in the beginning \ end of the book) back \ forward
18. G - increased range of font
19. G Shift - decrease font scale
20 Up \ Down (up \ down on the joystick) - go chapter by chapter.

21. In the content to go to the page you do not have anything to provide a joystick, simply enter the number of the desired page and press the Enter key or joystick
The letters correspond to numbers qwertyuiop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
The page number is limited to five-digit number (ie a maximum of 99999)

22. If you want to read both the native reader and Cool Reader 'e, then after pressing Alt Shift (to return to the home environment), click Back and return you to open a native reader of the book
23. Fb2 order book is not loaded with unnecessary indexing Kindle Do not put them in a folder documents
24. In the folder \ cr3 \ data file is located cr3.ini, through him, you can fine tune Cool Reader, as well as files with the extension. Css, through which lets you customize the specific file extension. For example, setting mezhabzatsnogo interval, the current version can be configured manually through fb2.css, setting margin-bottom for the element p (useful information about. Css is here and here )
24.1. Some fonts may be a cutoff at the edge of the page, regardless of the size of fields. In this case, you need the appropriate. Css file to change the 'margin: 0;' on 'margin: 4px;' setting body.
25. If you can read in landscape mode and you want all of the controls (menu, file browser, etc.) were rotated accordingly, you will need before you start the program press Aa in native shell and choose landscape orientation, then start Cool Reader.
26. The size of the system font (menus, file browser, a list of recently opened books, content, etc.) can be changed in the file or stylesheet_k3.qss stylesheet_dx.qss (depending on the model of Kindle) from a folder cr3/data changing the value of font- size:
QListView - to select the file
QTreeView - to content
QTableWidget - for a list of recent books
But not enough to change the font size as Added setting to cr3.ini window.row.count, which determines the number of rows in tables (except the file browser, there is a number multiplied by 2) for the Kindle 3 is the default number of 10, for Kindle DX - 16, ie, if you reduce the font size, columns, and will be 10, but the font they will be smaller, so this option is also need to be changed.

27. In the settings to change the numeric values ​​(such as font size), you must:
1) go to the element pad (up / down)
2), press Enter on the joystick
3) change the value (up / down button)
4), press Enter on the joystick

28. In the file browser:
Left on the joystick - the transition to the first page in a multiple page list
Right on the joystick - the transition to the last page in a multiple page list
Home - go to the first line of this page
PageUp \ PageDown (the button turning pages) - move to the next \ previous page in a multiple page list (also works in the content and the list of last opened books)

29. You can use multiple copies of Cool Reader with different settings, read books, etc. on a Kindle. To do this:
1) Make copy of cr3 (for example, cr3_1)
2) In the folder, open the file cr3_1 and replace it / mnt/us/cr3 on / mnt/us/cr3_1
3) Create a copy of the file from the folder cr3.ini launchpad (for example, cr3_1.ini)
4) The file cr3_1.ini replace / mnt/us/cr3 on / mnt/us/cr3_1
5) Assign a keyboard shortcut to launch the copy of the program (there are instructions in the above FAQ)
6) Press Shift Shift Space, to update your launchpad

Known Bugs

Quiritius wrote:
In the settings menu (S) can not come to save changes if you select to any numerical value (font size, for example). It is necessary to select the setting-list (for example, the name of the font), Home to work out.

bug-tracker wrote:
In the file browser: select the file stopped working on the first letter of the name (the name of the Roman alphabet)

Astor wrote:
If you go to the home shell on Alt Back at it remain textbox 's from Cool Reader' a. Here are screenshots:

Pedro_Del_Pueblo wrote:
If a file named, say 1.txt, is found in several subdirectories, then after the list of files through the O is highlighted in the first (?) File with that name, but not one that was open. Everything would be fine, but the directory is altered to another, which is not very convenient.

bug-tracker wrote:
List of recent books down - cyclical, ie with the last book (on page) goes to the first (page), and up - not cyclical (from first to last is not transferred).

These are related with the original software( non-port) Therefore FAU will not be able to correct them. Write about them on the developer forum of the program:
Alexs4 wrote:
Moby opened, but the page content / transition to ... nor on the button "C" or through the menu does not open.
Original message

islipknot wrote:
reading books in the mobi sometimes the words are replaced with the letter question marks or other characters.

3 books opened, and everywhere there were errors
at normal reading all normal
Original message

frdimitry wrote:
Chm files reveals not all, and there is no possibility of hyperlinks within the file.
Here is a link to the Bible in a format chm. It generally can not digest, flies away. Bible Dictionary Brockhaus opens, but can not navigate via hyperlinks.
In the epub files in some some lines appear (not all), although there are no lines fbreader just text goes. This book, which is in line
The original message 1
Original post 2

zx2121 wrote:
Always read the font Tahoma, but in this kulridere when moving from 25 to 26 size font, and then somehow become much fatter. In the version under the win, and Kindl fbridere for nothing this is not observed, the letters just get bigger, but not fatter.
Screenshots below:

Change font gamma settings do not change
The original message 1
Original post 2

alexstsv wrote:
Serifs are working for the heads of the first level and if they are not very many.
Original message

baget54 wrote:
In some books there are underlined footnote, CR does not react to them.

Screenshot taken from AlReader, which MyHomeLib
The original message 1
Original post 2

VladKi wrote:
From FAU : Original Cool Reader 3 also reveals only one book from the archives
If some books FB2 and TXT stuff in one file (say the name of the author's name serii.ZIP), opening in CoolReader by O revealed only one book (in my opinion in any order), other books from the archive will not be able to open.
I personally like this kept a lot of series that do not produce the files on the Kindle and do not delve into them for a long time looking for the right one.
The proposed solution: or open at the same time all the books in the game and give the opportunity to read them then at least through R, or as in FBKindle entering the ZIP file that is considered "directory" and enable it to choose to open the file. Moreover, if the book to a ZIP archive only one that can be opened as well now (it's convenient).

VladKi wrote:
From FAU : the unfinished keyboard driver, that is, for example, press Alt A, the program receives A, ie support for hotkeys with Alt if they will, it is incomplete
Mnemonics with a combination of Alt does not work, only work with Shift.
Original message

VladKi wrote:
Not a bug, but feature Cool Reader. When the name is long, it shows the odd pages of the author's name, and even on the book title. And in TXT take information about the author nowhere.
When reading the book TXT format through a single page is not displayed file name (if the name is long and does not fit completely in line before the pages for hours, per cent).

quoted from this page
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