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Kindle Touch Issues: Slow page turning and ghosting

Howdy all!

Hey, I did a search on these issues, but I couldn't find a thread. I was hoping to determine if my new K4 Touch is defective or not. I just received mine yesterday, and downloaded just the book I'm currently reading. I've noticed that the page turns are very slow compared to my K4 Non-Touch unit, and even my old, beloved K3.

In addition, the ghosting issue is quite pronounced on this unit. It clears up when a full refresh occurs every 6 pages or so, but it is significanly worse that the ghosting on my K4 Non-Touch. Changing the setting to refresh with each page clears up the ghosting, but the slow page turns still persist.

I only have one book downloaded, so it isn't indexing anything, and I've rebooted a couple of times to see if it clears it up.

The screen looks great, and the contrast, background shade, and font clarity is basically the same as my K3, and K4 Non-Touch, but the slow page turns are driving me crazy. If I switch over to my K4 NT, it seems like a rocket in comparison.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure if the unit is defective or not.
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