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Originally Posted by danceyeah View Post

The second issue is that every time I start up the PE I get an error saying that the SD card is blank. This is more a minor annoyance than anything. Like I said, Link2SD is using the sdext2 directory for apps when I ask it to. And anything I put on the FAT32 partition shows up in libraries (music files, for instance). If anyone knows how to turn off that particular error message, that would be appreciated.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!!!
It sounds like maybe you are not getting your SD mounted correctly or perhaps you are mounting it late enough in the boot sequence that it has not finished mounting when you are up and running. This happens to me me when I connect to my computer. The system seems to un-mount the card completely and then of course there is no way to remount other than a reboot. Since DH is the Linux guru, I am going to talk to him about a little script that I can execute from a shortcut to remount that thing so I don't have to reboot every time. I also have to be very careful, because when it is unmounted, my eDGe offers to format it for me when I do try to access it. Of course if I would take the time to set up my network shares, I could save myself from work and not have to connect to the PC as often!
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