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Unable to Sync Furthest Page Read Between Kindle Touch and iOS KindleApp Using Amazon


I know there are numerous posts on this topic(ish), but many of them are out of date so I thought I would ask again since none of them have helped me.

I have downloaded Calibre (version 0.8.26) to convert my non-Amazon purchased documents into MOBI files to read from my Kindle Touch and my iOS Kindle Apps.

I converted all files through Calibre and had Calibre download the meta data. Since I just converted them for the first time now, they should be encoded with the data needed for syncing since I am using a current version of Calibre (this was a common problem I saw in the other posts).

I then loaded these files onto my Kindle Touch using the "Send to Device" option in Calibre. What I found was that the MOBI files with amazon identifiers successfully synced the furthest page read to the Amazon servers and would adjust themselves correctly on the Kindle if I went backwards and such.

It totally makes sense that files that are not Amazon identified will not sync the furthest page read. This is not what I'm asking about.

I then added the MOBI to my iOS devices (iPhone 4S and iPad). I first chose to save to disc from Calibre, and then dragged this file into the App File Transfer for Kindle. The books then appeared on the Kindle, but they would not sync location at all.

I also tried adding the MOBI files that I exported to the Kindle for Mac app, and I got interesting mixed results. It seems like sometimes the app would sync the file, and sometimes it would not, but it seemed like the syncing was to itself, and not actually syncing with my Kindle Touch. I am not really sure what's going on.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get the syncing of "furthest page read" to work? I am not sure if I'm for some reason converting the files incorrectly, or if I'm adding them to my iPad or Kindle for Mac App incorrectly.

Please, try to give as detailed instructions as possible if you respond with suggestions. If you suggest a different application, please include a link to it with specific steps of what to do. If I need to change some sort of meta data, please be specific and explain exactly what to do and how to do it as I just received my first Kindle yesterday and I'm new to this.

I know it's annoying to write a lot and be detailed, but this is both for my benefit and for anyone visiting this thread in the future. Hopefully they will have all their questions answered when you answer mine.

Thank you in advance!
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