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Originally Posted by weatherman View Post
Emailing a document works fine, but I think where you're off is that it is not supposed to be in the Cloud. Docs has nothing to do with the Cloud at all. The Cloud is for storing your own MP3s, and a digital locker for items purchased from Amazon. That is it. Docs that you email to yourself are in your Kindle digital archive. Why? I guess that's the way it worked with the old Kindle so that's the way it works with the new Kindle as well.

Sure, it would make perfect sense (and I think a lot of folks understood it to work this way) that the tabs on the Kindle for Video and Docs would be shortcuts to your Amazon Cloud Drive, but that isn't the way things seem to be working, or even intended as such. That's the disconnect. Maybe Amazon can fix that, but for now it actually seems like using the browser to access the Cloud Drive is the more efficient if not the only way to access the Cloud for docs and video.
It's taken quite a bit of googling, trial and error on my part put this description mirrors my experience so far and frankly for those a little confused on it all, this is the quote that needs to be read. It goes a long way in explaining things and frankly will depress you a little into how far short this device falls. I too had hoped videos, docs and pics uploaded to the cloud drive at home would become a part of the kindle cloud system with the tabs up top. What's even more weird is music thru the cloud drive does show up.

For pics, docs and video though, you need to access your cloud drive thru the web browser, and if it works, download the file thru the check and tab button method or if it doesn't, hold the file name down and click 'save link' on the pop up. all will go into a download folder on the device so using a app like es explorer you can go to the download folder. if you had to 'save link' from up above, chances are it won't open right up so I have been taking off the .bin extension and renameing .mp4 for vids, .jpg for pics then moving these files into the picture folder where the gallery app can acess it in a reasonably asthetically laid out manner. the es explorer can view these as well. for docs, i been using the office app it has although I had issues with a pdf, need to work on that.

the distinction to remember is cloud drive and the archived cloud of kindle books are two seperate entities. videos and music purchased from amazon is more a part of the kindle book cloud and all total, is the cloud the fire is frankly built to use. This isn't built to use the cloud drive side of things. as stated above, the exception is music. music uploaded to the cloud drive behaves very similiarly on the device as purchased amazon cloud music would. Hope is if that works that way, maybe sooner then later, videos, pics and docs can as well.

The kindle fire is a cloud based tablet for accessing amazon purchased items, not your personal items sans music. with the limited space issues, even the work arounds for cloud drive don't make too much sense after awhile as it still isn't streaming it like it would with purchased cloud items. its a download and view method much like the ios cloud.
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