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Nice book. Go beyond a quick and dirty; we need something comprehensive! As a newbi I was confused about the difference between <title> and meta data's title, perhaps there could be something that explains which one I should use.

There is a log of information on the web for authoring ePub documents but so much of it is unusable for an author. Some of it is talking more about specifications and does not show how the various tags are used or what effect they have. Other info I've been signposted to is really for website creation, with tags that ePub does not use, or missing tags that it does. Many tutorials do not specify that they are teaching EPUB 3.0, so the reader is not sure whether they are learning depreciated tags or the preferred tags.

So far, your guide is the best I've come across, so keep up the good work.

If you know of a more complete work that relates to EPUB 3.0, and defines the tags, and shows the consequences of each, please do let me know, as I want to create some specific effects in my book and will need the full power of the tags. Thanks a bundle.
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