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Yifanlu or NiluJe

I haven't looked at hacks or updates since about Feb. I have a K3G with firmware 3.1, jailbreak (Yifanlu's) 0.3 with the "ENABLE_HACKS_UPDATE" empty file "method") and SS hack 0.20.N and that's it.

I just tried to install Yifanlu's 0.5 hack before trying the recent Amazon 3.3 but 0.5 failed to install (U004) - no big deal. Is that because .5 cannot be installed over .4?

If so can Yifanlu's 0.4 be installed OVER 0.3 then in-turn install 0 .5 over 0.4?

I suspect it is not a good idea to actually try installing Amazon 3.3 OVER that much older 0.3 JB so I won;t even try

I was curious about updating to Amazons' 3.3 just "in case"
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