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Cover not showing in Digital Editions or Nook

I was converting a file for a friend. Her cover is a jpg and kind of light in color, but certainly not invisible.
I insert the cover as normal in Calibre and open the file in Sigil for tweaking. The cover is there. All looks well.
File validates at Three Press.
I open the file in Digital Editions and on my Nook and there is a blank page where the cover should be. The cover DOES show on the Nook preview at the bottom, but not in the actual file. It doesn't show in the preview or the file in Digital Editions
So basically, the readers think the cover is there and can show it at least in the one instance in the preview, but the page with the cover shows blank.
Mobi file created from epub is fine.
Tried creating a new epub from epub--same problem.
Tried going back to an older version of Calibre--same problem.
Triec using a cover for a different book--that cover showed.
So everything points to there being some issue with this particular cover. What is it? Like I said, it is light, but not THAT light.
I also tried resizing the cover and inserting different versions that way--same problem.
Thanks in advance for any help or any direction you can point me for help.
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